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BH's top car 2013

BH’s top car 2013

Welcome to the biggest little car show in the Southern Hemisphere.  Well, car show slash rock’n’roll festival, although the R’n’R now holds second place to the thousands of classic cars that rule the roost in Whangamata for the week that is now the Beach Hop extravaganza!  (The Sony Beach Hop actually, along with a cast of hundreds on the sponsors front, so say thanks)!

Regardless, from humble beginnings to celebrate the local Rock ‘n’ Roll clubs birthday I believe, less than 50 cars and just a few hundred people, to the modern behemoth that graces our streets just 13 short years later.  And almost 80,000 images captured, from cars to beauties to singers to naked anatomies…  All of course, in the best possible taste!